Arina Pozdnyak: Perpetual Calendar

Calender PageI believe that simplicity and delicacy empower this calendar created by Arina Pozdnyak which combines typography and imagery to create this piece “Perpetual Calendar”. Creating this piece in order to express the beauty of “life” in the form of a calendar, an object which is often used in everyday life by people across the globe, Pozdnyak aims to remind her audience of what is right in front of us rather than simply filling the pages with funny animals or pretty flowers like most other retailed calendars available. The images overpower the type with their content however the simplicity of the type and the “barely there” approach it has been given I feel works best, contrasting bold, powerful imagery with basic, quiet font.  Calender PageI interpret that Pozdnyak created this piece to be seen by many audiences on a day to day basis through the purpose of its creation, a calendar. The imagery within the pages produce a statement, a bold sinister mood is created through the tones in each image. The foggy presence where the image has been set and taken links to the month it is representing but also to the context of the piece. These images work more effectively in a calendar then they would in an exhibition due to their perfected placement in the calendar format also due to the concept and reasoning of the work, being placed in an exhibition may not establish the message clearly to the audience. Being seen by a wider audience through this style of expression Pozdnyak is able to ensure that her message will be seen. Due to the tones, mood and purpose of the calendar I believe it is clear to understand that the audience being targeted are an older range. The colour tones used would not attract younger viewers. Aiming to produce the message as a reminder of “The beauty of life” and that only time can be clearly seen though nature growing and changing, I believe that an older audience would be more suited which is why this designer has aimed her work for this age range. I find the simplicity within this work inspiring and perfect for the concept of the piece. The placement of the type works perfectly for it to be seen in each image. It has been carefully placed in order to be seen and I believe that they often represent various features linked to each month. I do believe that the sinister and almost haunting mood that the images produce was not an element focused to be produced the designer however I do think that it works perfectly with the work and mood. However this is only crucially relevant to the wintery months which work well. The spring and summer months contain a more brightened mood. The format of this work has been chosen perfectly for the purpose of the piece as well as being able to accompany elements within the work. I like how the designer has stayed clear of using simplistic and stereotypically images for various months such as a Christmas theme within December and using fireworks in November, I find the pure natural imagery indicates a clear context and forces her work to be drawn away from other calendars. I believe that if not all then most decisions have been considered in the creation of this work such as layout, imagery and text however I do believe that some of the summer images do not represent very summery tones. Using more brightened tones such as more oranges or yellows would have worked to a better advantage alongside linking to the concept and messages she is aiming to imply. Calender PageI believe that the placement of the type is definitely an area that has been decided carefully because of the importance of the text and the tones being used. as this piece is a calendar and not just some images used to produce a message the names of each month on the pages are crucial. primarily this work is an object to be used by it’s audience alongside portraying a message created by the designer.

Overall I find this work distinctive and effective in it’s purpose and meaning.


One thought on “Arina Pozdnyak: Perpetual Calendar

  1. Talking to this designer i have understood that she aims to emphasise that aiming to follow dates is “useless” because “timeframes do not exist”. I can completely see this within her work as the images assist the designers aim to show that calculating time can only be done by being able to “watch how the nature changes around us”. i find this concept truly inspiring, this designer is able to beautiful images and simplistic font to create what i believe to be a realistic yet somehow elegant piece of work through the format of a calendar.

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