Marian Bantjes: GQ Italia Cover

Created for a set of 10 anniversary pieces for GQ Italia, Marian Bantjes created her “structured yet pretty” design using bold colour tones and patterns of yellow and black. A Canadian ImageGraphic Artist Bantjes delves within Illustration, Typography and Design when create her unique pieces. Her work clearly has a technological sense and this cover expresses this element of her work greatly. This cover obviously has a distinctive structural element to it. The title of the piece has an iconic placement crucial in applying to the purpose and clearly takes central attention to the rest of the space being used. The left hand alignment continues an on-going house style used by the company. The type mimics the famous style of the ever-growing brand; I find this an effective feature that Bantjes has included. Adding pattern to the type she transforms this constantly used logo into her own. I love how she has contrasted structure and bold colours with delicate yet effective patterns for the defined background to the cover. The colours bounce from one another in a complimented manner. The simplistic blocks of colour have purposely been aligned and placed in order to allow the audience to be brought in by the change of design this company usually uses. Also due to the purpose of the magazine piece it is crucial for the audience to read the text placed, as it is an informative piece. One negative comment I have about this piece is that some of the text included is hard to understand and read. Although it suits the style and design of the cover perfectly I find it hard to identify as text and often misplace the purpose as a pattern. Within the placement of the text is the colour. Adding a red tone into the colour mix I find does not work quite as well as another colour tone such as dark greys or even a bolder tone. Perhaps using a bolder font would be more suitable for the purpose of this piece. The yellow would seem to overpower the other colours because of its amount being greater than the other colours used. However it does not. Bantjes cleverly places the blocked colours and patterns so that they appeal to one another. If I had attempted a design like this I would often find myself using too much of one colour. I admire the simple design and pattern usage in this piece. I believe that the construction of this design must have been timely and the delicacy and passion involved is clearly seen in the final results. Overall I believe that this cover is a structured success. I adore the black and yellow toned patterns used and when placed together they work in a family styled relationship intertwining between each other.  This cover outshines others within its set through its bold graphic design. yellow tones are used in some of the other designs created by outstanding artists and designers however the contrast against both black and white in Bantjes’ depiction of the cover works in perfect balance to the other elements within the page.


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