Michael Bierut: Saks 5th Avenue Branding Update

Part of Pentagon, in New York Michael Bierut’s enthusiasm for Graphic Design and Art began as a High School student and has seen him work for large companies throughout his career. Preferring to work as part of a team his rebranding for Saks 5th Avenue was a frustrating struggle for the deign to accomplish a she find designing and “identity” is like designing a living person as it already has a personality and whole brand. I find the black and white contrast in pattern and simplistic design for the rebranding of this company effectively beautiful. Taking the already relevant simple calligraphic logo and brand name Bierut’s redesign saw him graphically realign the well known logo to create excessively effective, modernised graphic styled bags. ImageUsually I would find simple black and white designs slightly boring or underpowered for their purpose however in this situation and for this purpose I find Bierut’s decision to create the rebranding in this design a perfect balance of tones as it oozes sophistication and elegance, elements crucial to keeping the companies image alive. A main element I find perfected in the redesign of this brand is the difference it has to other brand designs out there. When walking through the street and sighting one of the redesigned bags by Bierut a person wants to know the company behind it, it is an appealing design which suits the purpose of the product greatly. 

Michael Bierut and Pentagon announced that they “understood this was more than just as logo design project” because of the highly appreciated brand that they were working for. The Sak’s logo had been used since the 1990’s and taking this and transforming it into something totally different proved a welcome challenge to the company. Due to the already highly inspired brand having no signature colour or pattern the team understood what needed to be done to transform this brand with a twist. Emphasizing the heritage of the company they transformed a previous logo into a divided grid of 64 squares allowing infinite variations to be admired and created.  Continuing the on going colour scheme and lack of pattern that the company and repetitively been associated with Pentagon and Michael Bierut successful found a modernised, unique way to allow the company to grow through their branding. Unusually there is nothing I do not love about this design. The black and white divisions ooze class and elegance and the simplistic design given to them is genius. The simple yet effective process and design concept allows recognizable differences in every style used for products such as bags, boxes, packaging and more. None of the products are alike or exact in their look however work as an iconic designed family. 


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