Steinar Lund: Cake Illustrations

Specialising in realistic illustrations clearly seen in his food inspired collections such as these super realistic cupcakes, Steinar Lunds work explores specialisms such as editorial work, publishing pieces and packaging. Rendering within Photoshop and digital elements he applies this to his unique talent of airbrushing to create these designs digitally. ImageThis set of work ranges from digital airbrushing to photo illustrative pieces of work. Admitting that this set has been one of his favourite yet the designer’s flair for realism and perfected detail shines throughout his work. I find the realism within these illustrations admirable. Enhancing the colour tones and adding an almost perfected image of the food the designer is making art from a simple thing available to his audience in many areas. He is making them want the cupcakes especially visible within the pink cupcake illustration his skill manages to make the icing look heavenly and by using one set of colour tones keeping real to the object but also emphasising them he keeps the images clean and crisp adding to their appeal. One criticism I have with this piece is the added sparkle effect he has included, I find this take away the realism from the cupcake and is irrelevant to the piece. I love the feminine and girly presence it creates however the “magical” sparkle element is just too much for the overall effect of the piece. Lund is a master in airbrushing and achieving perfected realistic tones to his work. Photographic assistance is a crucial aspect to his work. In order to make his audience want to products that he is illustrating I believe that Lund captured this brilliantly. When looking at the image of the pink cupcake in the perspective his audience it automatically makes me want the cupcake because it has been presented in an appealing way and he has cleverly highlighted certain areas of the cupcake that he knows would attract the audience. Fro instance he has strayed away from focusing on the actual cake underneath the decoration because he understand that the audience would appeal more to the decoration and the sweetness of the icing overflowing within the piece. Another piece of his work which shows a chocolate cupcake almost being suffered by a tape measure is a piece which allows the audience to see a more illustrative aspect to the overall outcome. The initial cake looks perfectly realistic however the measuring tape has a slightly more cartoon effect. The overall image looks intriguing. I find Lund has taken two totally different objects that would not usually be associated with one another and blending them into an illustration.  A delicious chocolate cake would not necessarily be accompanied with a waist tape measure however in his piece it is. Immediately I believe that this is a weight loss campaign. The detail within the chocolate toping oozes deliciousness and craves for the audiences attention however the sharp bold realisation of the tape distracts this, like within a diet or eating plan. I find the coloured pastel background finish off these images perfectly as they stray away from overpowering the illustrative images within the foreground.  combining fruit and chocolate is another unusual relationship that Lund has successfully managed to apply. I believe that these images work perfectly without text to the however if they are for a branding situation, poster or a kind of advertisement then I believe that the company name is a must with these images. another criticism I have with this work is that I do not know why they have been creating or what it is they are illustrating. Perhaps this would be something to add to them?



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