Sean Freeman: NY Lottery Campaign

Exploring harmonies of both beautiful images and words Sean Freeman specializes within creative type and illustration in order to create his sensually and simplistic yet effective advertisements and editorial work. An East London based designer, Freeman produces award winning work which expresses powerful and dynamic emotions to his audience. Fusing elements together, Freeman explores storytelling and visuImageal imagery to produce ideas for his unique type. Freeman’s design for the New York Lottery expresses festive moods due to the materials used to produce the type. Using flowing font styles he is able to create a bold message without using harsh, sharp shapes. Seen as a sign that “brings joy” it undoubtably fulfills it’s purpose of creation and it’s concept. Communicating clearly with it’s audience the bright lights being used contrast against the black background to draw in the audience and force their attention to be completely on the design. I find the materials used are genius as they produce an outstanding design and link perfectly with the season that this design was created within and for, christmas! Having a “love for words” is a crucial element and clear personal trait expressed through Freeman’s work. His 3D typography work outshines in this piece greatly. Freeman has continually used a range of materials that link to the concept and context of the piece he is designing making each piece personal in it’s own way to its’ purpose. In this piece for instance it is obvious that Freeman has used christmas lights to create a festive design for a piece distributed and created for a Christmas campaign. Obviously all of the features of this piece such as the placement, materials, type style and colours have all been depicted and chosen carefully in order to create a specific mood, I believe that it is a perfected design which I really enjoy. The execution of the colours and flowing type distinctly express a Christmassy mood perfect for the style and purpose of the campaign, to draw the audience in. Displayed throughout Manhattan containing around 2,000 lights in each installation, Freeman’s New York Lottery design is clearly a one of a kind style like a lot of this persons work. This piece is not only one of my favorites because I love Christmas but because I find that the elements of the piece all work as a family. Strangely, I struggle to find an element of this piece that I refrain from liking apart from the reason behind the work, I struggle to enjoy the national lottery but Freeman’s design for the New York Lottery makes me want to go buy a ticket instantly! Communicating with his audience to manipulate them into wanting to go out a but a ticket I believe Freeman has succeeded effortlessly with this design. Obviously this style of work would not be as effective in summer or around another celebrated time of year but for the time is has been created for it suits if perfectly. Using a happy, festive style of mood Freeman instantly draws his audience in, playing on what he knows they enjoy and using stereotypical materials linked to this iconic time of year. The simplistic style of font and contrast in the foreground and background colours he communicates his work with his audience in a happy way.


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