Paul Cadden: Realistic Pencil Drawings

largeGraphite and Chalk are the main materials used in super realistic artist Paul Cadden’s work. At first these drawings immediately manipulate the audience into believing that they are in fact photographs because of the intense detail and heightened realism that Cadden forces within each piece. Cadden aims to “intensify the normal” as his work are taken from real life photographs, images and video still styled media, despite this he aims to create work which goes “beyond the photograph” and from the realism that he intensifies through each individual piece of his work it is clear to see how his skill and talent can almost duplicate what is in the photographs. Cadden intensifies the detail found in the photographs. When viewing Cadden’s work I immediately admire his CADDENtalent and his skill to duplicate images using graphite and chalk, I prefer to use similar materials in my own work which is why Cadden’s drawings admire me. Cadden admits that he has “developed slowly” as an artist as he aims to create “emotional, social and cultural impacts” through his work. Reference materials are crucial for his work, he firstly manipulates his original photographs in photoshop and transfers these to his canvasses. Unusually he defers from working straight from his photographs and allows the work to “take on a life of it’s own”. I find this final development from his work very unusual because as a hyperrealist artist his aim should be to duplicate the image entirely however he chooses to do this in a different way. A preference to use Cartridge paper than canvas, Cadden varies from both of these material when creating work. Personally, I prefer cartridge paper when drawing yet admire his skill to gain similar effects when using canvasses. varying from 2 to 6 weeks in order to finish one of his magnificent hyperrealist pieces, which are then exhibited in galleries in London and Atlanta. Inspiring Cadden he names Tracey Emin, Francis Bacon and Austin Spare as his admired artists. Connecting with his audience by manipulating them into believing they are photograph’s though his unique talent, Cadden communicates his work with realism in order to attract his audience. One criticism I have with Cadden’s style of work, despite being a style I find overwhelming and I admire greatly is that it may struggle to be used for advertising purposes and photography has overruled. I work similar to this style in a lot of my work however find it hard to use this style in order to create work for purposes. Overall, I admire Cadden for his skill and talent through drawing, although I have found numerous artists who work in a similar way to him and have very similar talents and styles when using this media, I believe that using this style for work is not as unique as others. Being able to draw well is becoming less and less rare and traditional techniques seem to be dying out within the Art and Design industry.

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