Solve Sundsbo: Gucci Advertisement

“Solve Sundsbo is one of the great innovators in contemporary image-making”. A statement admiring Sundsbo for his astounding talent which sees him experimenting visually in a Imagephotography and image work. Gaining respect for his work through Fashion, Advertisements and more his ongoing clientele includes the infamous brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Cartier, D&G and Vogue. Sundsbo’s Gucci advertisement produces an extremely pretty scene that I believe is perfect for the purpose of the image. Using mainly pastel colours in the foreground for the main model is contrasts with the darkened background. I love pastel colours within photographs as they produce a very pretty and elegant, pure and peaceful mood. Especially for the advertisement used within this photograph I find the colours used perfectly suited to the purpose of this. However, one criticism I have with this set of advertising images is that the text used in the bottom left hand corner is hard to understand and determine as if blends with some of the pastel tones used n the foreground. The lighting within this shoot is perfectly use din order to highlight the model and the advertised perfume in each image. Keeping the foreground as light as possible without drowning out the model whilst insuring that the background is kept dark has been an element perfectly used by Sundsbo. I believe that this set of images would communicate greatly with the audience as suits the product being advertised and produces a perfect style for the intended audience. As this is a perfume for a female range the decision to use feminine colours and tones as well as a pretty female model ensures that the photographer can appeal to the intended audience. Using a floral accessory within the styling of the model also adds to the feminine style and mood that Sundsbo intended to screate. I admire the lighting used greatly as I find it perfects the shot, if less lighting were used then the model and the scene would not be as feminine or as highlighted. The image to the right has to be my favorite of the set. The gorgeous light blue styling of the model contrasted with the darkened blue background. The model and clothing has been carefully chosen to match the product being advertised. I find this photograph communicates clearly with the audience in manipulating them into wanting to purchase the product. I believe that these s - Copyphotographs suit the purpose perfectly and that Sundsbo has clearly taken the project and perfected the photographs to suit this brief.  In order to appeal to the audience the photographer had to understand the style of product that they were advertising, I believe that Sundsbo have perfected this. As a member of the audience looking at this advertisement I want to try this product, the pretty photograph used and the link each image has with the perfume automatically forces the audience to want it. The only criticism I have with these advertisements is that they look familiar to others. Many perfume adverts portray feminine, beautiful scenes and this selection of photographs does the same. The only way that the advertisements stand out as unique images is through the way that Sundsbo has contrasted the colours in the foreground and background to make the female models, who represent the perfumes in each image. I like how in each advertisement of the individual perfume the same model is used but wears different garments which link to the perfumes through colour and style. I really like the adverts and find that they communicate with the chosen audience perfectly. The lighting has it be my favorite element of each photograph and the flowing movements captured in each adds to the style and mood that Sundsbo has aimed to achieve. This Norwegian Photographer has worked with many famous brands and magazines and his work clearly has been noticed by many for the accurate style and approach he has. This photographer has been admired for his “bizzare, cleverly manipulated images” as they have caused his popularity to soar and cause him to be one of the hottest starts and fashion photography. Admired by many including designer Tom Ford who says “Solve is a great talent in the fashion industry” and that “His photographs speak for themselves. They are powerful, beautiful, always fresh” I agree that this advertisements see his work portray these descriptions greatly! Many admire his work as his images portray the effect of being digitally altered despite not being digital touched at all as he admits “People assume my work has been through a computer but actually I also use a lot of old-fashioned techniques,”. I find this effect extremely successful and appealing as he is able to produce digital images through untouched work. Throughout a lot of his work he has aimed to steer away from what photography is becoming as be believes that “Photography has become democratic – anyone with a digital camera can shoot something and alter it in Photoshop to make it look polished. For the past four or five years there’s been a lot of dull, perfected work around, but there’s an industry backlash going on now.” and it is clear that through his work being untouched digitally he prefers to create work which is more traditionally produced. The brand of this perfume describe the product as “addresses a sensual, younger woman” and that “Flora is lighter, the floral scent of course evokes a younger consumer”. This description is clearly seen and created within each of the images within this set. I love these images and find them fascinating to see. They are perfectly suited to the purpose and the product and I find the technique and style used perfect to this set. The only thing I dislike about these photographs that I feel is not needed is the black and white border at the bottom of the image. I find this ruins the image and would prefer the photographs and advertisements without this included.


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