Alexi Lubomirski: Cheryl Cole Photoshoot

ImageWorking with an impressive clientele including worldwide brands such as GQ, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Wonderland, Alexi Lubomirski has been renowned as a celebrity favorite to work with including the British beauty Cheryl Cole. Lubomirski’s work including the model captured my attention. In the shoot exhibited in harpers bazaar’s 2010 issue, this editorial piece, designed by Lubomirski was manipulated by the photographer to contain a “softer, distressed” style aiming to produce “iconic images of” the celebrity model that would not have been seen in this style before to the audience. Lubomirski communicates through his photographs with his audience in order to appeal to them and force them to want to but this magazine as his images will be the first thing they see on the cover. Producing images that have not been seen on a regular basis to the audience would cause them to be intrigued by the magazine causing them to admire it. This photographer confessed that he wanted this shoot to be more “personal” to the singer in a way to appeal to her fan base and the magazines audience. Seen as “pieces of art” these photographs captured the audience throughout the 2010 issue and I can understand why. I find the photographs express deep sensuality and femininity throughout. I love the white and grey HBUK COLE 03tones used as I believe that if these images were to be in colour they would not produce this style and mood and would not be as appealing as they are. My favorite photographs from this shoot have to be the images were the model wears a diamante head piece and a silver encrusted jacket. The lighting within these images allow the background to slightly overpower the model yet highlights her central to the image. The background almost looks as if it starts to take her over beginning to cover her face and bodice. Usually this would be a very distracting element to the image and prove unappealing to the audience however in this shoot it works perfectly to highlight the model and produce the style and mood that the designer aimed to achieve. The photographs create very pretty, feminine moods. I find these images highly appealing. It is obvious that the audience of these images are female buyers of the magazine, therefore creating excessively feminine photographs, Lubomirski understood that this would attract them greatly. Many elements of this photo shoot would have needed to be carefully depicted and chosen in order to produce these images, I believe that Lubomirski has created beautiful photographs which perfectly suit the style and audience he wanted to appeal to.


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