Eric Wilson: Animal Paintings

ImageWildlife Artist Eric Wilson delves within recreating realistic scenes and portrait styles of work of wild animals within his glorious collections. Using a range of materials and bases for his work from Oils to acrylics, pastels and linen on board Wilson produces large recreations which capture the intensity and beauty of the animal. Dedicating his time to duplicate the fur and features of the animals I find his patience and dedication to perfect his scenes admiring. This multi award winning artist has become one of the most admired wildlife artist of the modern time. Widely collected through the world, Wilsons exhibits have sold out and he spends a great amount of his time researching and studying the animals that he illustrates. I do find realistic art highly appealing simply because of the intense craft and skill that the artists or designer has. However, one criticism I have with this style of work is that it would be easier to simply use a camera, from this the photograph could be edited and effected to communicate with the audience in the most appropriate way possible. However, delving deeper within Wilsons work I admire that he paints from his personal aspirations and inspirations, his love for wildlife is clear through his drawings. He focuses within the endangered animals of the world and aims to capture their beauty to communicate with he audience hat these beautiful animals are being hunted. I find the message ad concept behind Wilsons work extremely important and I admire that he is so passionate about the subject he is working within. Alongside creating work to highlight this subject, Wilson works within many charities in regards to the political and world issue. As this theme of work is in reference to the project that I have focused within I found his style and approach extremely interesting. Using the beauty of the animal to inform his audience of a beauty that the next generation may miss out of witnessing he is almost pulling on the heart strings of the audience communicating a harsh reality with them of what initially we are killing off. I find his style of work and approach greatly aspiring. As a viewer of his work I find his style extremely effective however I do believe that for a more direct communication type could be used in the style of a slogan or simple sentence to inform the audience of Eric Wilsons intent. When simply viewing these paintings I simply believed that they were just that, a nice painting of an animal, it was not until I researched the artist further that I understood his concept and


 underlying message. In reference to communicating his message with the audience I believe that in a sense Wilson has been successful but it could appeal to a wider audience with the additional of simple type. Another criticism of Wilsons work that I have is the background of some of his work, compared to the foreground that shows every element of the animal perfected through a delicate application of materials to base, the background expresses a more “blurred, less focused” effect, one which would usually work perfectly when being used within photography however within this style of work I believe that it does not work as well. For instance a clear indication of this is within Wilsons Lion painting above, the background simply looks more rushed compared to the foreground, giving the impression that it is not needed. I would love to see this artist delve within black and white tones as I believe that the colours may communicate a more harsh emotion that may suit the style and purpose of the drawings. Overall I do admire this artist and find his approach to his concept extremely and surprisingly appealing. Wilson communicates the importance of   saving these beautiful animals as he highlights their incredible beauty through his craft. I believe that Wilson has emphasised the colours within his work also, giving the impression that these animals are almost god like, glowing within their habitat. I admire that he has used the colour tones to his advantage and to the appeal to the audience however I do believe that in some areas this artist enhances the colour a little too much making the scene seem more unrealistic than realistic. 

Some of his works produce a more fairytale style, as if he is imaging these animals as more dominant to the world. I admire his work through the delicate craft that he uses and the beauty of the animal in general.


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