Andrew Zuckerman: Animal Photography

Creating work that is “systematically executed, conceptually based, and democratically presented.” this minimalist photographer created effective collections that intensifies nature and the animal kingdom as he contrasts the realism of the creature with a plain white background. Aiming to create a “clarity” of reality as Imagehis work has gained a global audience Andrew Zuckerman “diversifies entries” into his work through his medium. Conceptually focusing within nature, Andrew Zuckermans photographs have been created in a range of media as he aims to refrain from “being bound to a category” of photography, a way that he can aim to communicate a range of concepts to a wider audience by allowing his work to be created with the best style to suit his concept. Stating that voices are often created through  lot of artist work, Zuckerman prefers to minimise this “voice” so that he can produce honest work to the theme he is working within. Communicating truthful emotions and concepts it is clear to see how the minimalistic background to the figure than overpowers within each of his photographs assists this aim. I find the background to his images really highlight and enhance the beauty of the animal being captured and it manipulates the audience into focusing on this. Refraining from allowing other elements of a photograph to interfere with the main element, Zuckerman is able to intensify the entire image.  Starting from a “curiosity” and an “idea” Zuckermans work evolves from his personal question of the theme. Ensuring that the feelings of the audience are key, Zuckerman thinks about how the audience will react to his photographs when cerating them.

ImageI find Zuckermans work really, real! For instance his lion cub photograph simply shows what it is, a real photograph of a lion cub. He refrains from using a background to enhance the background of the animal being used as usual this would be the common element to include however in Zuckermans work it’s successful not to include this. I believe that when viewing this style of work the animal is being portrayed and used in a very unusually way, he is illustrating the reality of the animal but in an unrealistic habitat for them which would not appeal to a lot of audiences. For advertising purpose I believe that this style of photography would communicate very well with the audience. I find it appealing as the unusual blend of realism and minimalism catches the audiences appeal manipulating them to instantly been drawn to it, because of the difference to others. 

In relevance to my project I found Zuckermans work very interesting and relating. I like how different Zuckermans style is and I understand how it can be interpreted in different ways. However, I do believe that if a certain concept or message is being portrayed through this selection of images it isn’t very clear. As a member of his audience I can interpret Zuckerman’s photographs in numerous ways from a realization into how these animals do not suit being out of their natural environment to highlighting their features and natural beauty perhaps a small amount of type would help to ensure a focus constraint or theme. I do however love the enhancement of colours that the minimalist background highlights. As these photographs mix realisation with minimalistic elements I find these images greatly appealing. I do find some of these photographs less appealing than the others as even though they are photographs some produce the animals as looking fake and badly created. For instance the forward view of the Lion does not look as effective as the Cub although I do like the style of the portrait, the idea of the pose but just not the outcome. Overall I find some of Zuckermans work highly appealing as they communicate a different yet effective style through the minimalistic background contrasted with the natural, realistic foreground.Image


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