Disney: Lion King Characters

Globally loved by generations, Disney had successfully used animals as characters in many of their family loved films such as Robin Hood, The Rescuers and African Wildlife inspired The Lion King. I find one of the most appealing feature that Disney use within their animal infested animations is their way of giving the characters a personality through their movement, actions and overall appearance. Focusing on the loved classic,”The Lion King” because of the clear link with my project of Animals, this film has become one of the most famous animated movies within the Disney collection because of the unique but accurate use of the Lion family. Communicating through giving each character a personality, I find this trait highly effective. For instance, the characters of Timon and Pumba represent fun and adventurous yet childish uncles to Simba, they immediately  appeal to the child audience because of their fun personalities given by the creators. Directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff, this animated motion picture has cleverly succeeded within highlighting and educating their audience through a narrative. Keeping a realistic representation of the Lion tribes and their relationships/personalities this film is clearly aimed towards a child based audience however appeals to a larger family range. Throughout the movie the characters move frequently and fast, keeping the anatomy of the characters crucially realistic to the original mammal they have been able to manipulate the audience into understanding what the animal is doing and wh

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y. From the images given the audience can identify how the directors and movie creators have communicated the characters to duplicate the actions of real life animals. I find this element crucial within the creation and success of the animation. In order to ensure that the young audience can identify what animals they are and what they are doing as they would obviously be less educated on these animals. I find the way that the directors and animators have ensured that they keep a large amount of reality within the movement and actions of the characters crucially perfected for the purpose of the animated film. Another main element that I find

African Lions Snuggling

crucial within this animated movie is how they give the characters personalities to appeal to their young audience. The use stereotypical Heroes and Damsels in distress through the main characters of Simba and Nala, they also keep them relevant to the way they would be seen within the animal kingdom for instance Simba is a Lion who is refereed to as the king of he jungle, perfect for the narrative within the animation.

Scar, who is the stereotypical Villain of the movie is represented through his appearance as a more evil character. The use of enhanced colour and typical colour representations communicate the character perfectly to the audience and give them an insight into the role they play.  Still using “Scar” as a example its clear to see that he has been given a physically darker appearance to assist his darkened personality and role. A prim example of this would be his darker orange fur and black mane. His eyes have been created with a Green tone which represents Evil. Alongside this he has been created with evil facial expressions, this would communicate his personality and role with the audience greatly. I find the way the characters have been created through personalities and appearance in order to appeal to the audience and produce a certain style extremely interesting. Personally, “Scar” reminds me of a long lost family member who would be strict to children and often known as the “dark cloud” where as completely contrasted “Mufassa” immediately represents a father figure and to the child audience this animated movie was created for this would be a really effective.

Despite being one of Disney’s greatest movies, “The Lion King” does contain one of the most heart breaking movie moments of all time, Mufassa’s death. Despite being aimed at children, this movie scene strangely contains a great amount of violence and sadness. This would often and has been criticized by many however I find it genius. This event educates children about the tragic life event through an animated approach and placing this near the beginning of the film allows them to allow the rest of the story to show children that “Simba” the character they are most likely to relate too can overcome this traumatic event, similar to ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ I find this brilliant! Despite this, the overall animated movie contains a positive message of “hope, love, and family responsibility”. I find the way that Disney uses morals within their movies a great way to educate and communicate with their audience. Clearly a time consuming process to complete an animated movie, it certainly pays off.

Reportedly inspired by Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” it is undeniably that this animated motion picture has been a success since it’s release and has communicated with a wide range of audience. Through characters, appearances, storyline and emotional approach this animated movie clearly educates its audience alongside appealing to them. A main feature of this feature that I enjoy is the way that the animators illustrate the relationships through the movements and actions of the characters. This communicates real relationships through animals with the audience which educates them of the real life African cat family as well as appealing to their audience by creating characters that they can emotional refer to.


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