“What Will it Take Before we Respect the Planet” – Collaboration of Artists

ImageCreated by a large collaboration of graphic designers, illustrators, a typographer and photographer, this set of images used within the very effective WWF campaign beings a range of artistic areas together to create one very well crafted piece. Involving designers were Mathieu Javelle, Stephane Bales, Sid Tomkins and Raphael Van Butsele who worked alongside Artistic Director, Emmanuel Bougneres. This 

collection of advertisements which delves within world wide topic of biodeversity and the bioawareness immediately spoke to me as it instantly caught my attention due to the realism of the subject and image that works alongside it. I understood the message behind this advertisement clearly and I like how the designers have used a great amount of realism within the piece. By doing so they have been able to communicate the seriousness of the problem that occurs within the world today alongside promoting their message through an interesting way. When viewing this set of poster advertisements I immediately thought “I wish I had thought of that” immediately becoming inspired by the way they have illustrated their concept. I also like how they have worked together using a range of design media and did so in a natural kind of way. When looking at the image you cannot define where one designer has


 worked, stopped and the other has stepped in, it all fits perfectly. A brilliantly professional set of work, I love how scenes appear so natural yet promote a serious, unnatural message. Communicating  a natural species with the “artwork” that is found sprawled across the country, Graffiti. It’s no surprise that the designers have used less viscous animals such as elephants rather than Tigers however I would like to see more adaptations of this kind of style, using more animals. On the other hand I also like how the background can represent the habitat of the animals however can be identified as the style of abandoned car parks and estates found within the UK, where this style of Graffiti is often found. I believe that these advertisements clearly communicate with an older audience and I like that. Using only a small amount of typography and not in a usual “added on top of an image digitally”kind of way I find its a great communicative element that differs from others styles of advertisements. I understand that a lot of people may have a negative approach to this set of images as they may find it rather cruel to put graffiti on an animal however it is also a way for the designers to communicate the message to not harm animals the way graffiti is used to harm out society and image. 

The colour tones used within these images are perfect for the mood being communicated. The dull tones represent a worn out, uncared for effect which has been superficially used by the designers in order to enhance the idea that the animal kingdom and the earth is not being taken care of the way it should be. This, overall is a perfected piece using a range of materials and elements. As a viewer of this work I understand the concept clearly which illustrates a clear communication between artists and their audience. This set of images can clearly attract a wider audience as it appeals to both genders and a range of ages, except children obviously. 

The very simplistic and almost unrecognisable text in the bottom right hand corner of the pieces contain a very simplistic sentence, message. I find this just finishes the advertisement as the size and placement communicates the message alongside being understood through the words. By using a simple typeface, colour and understated style the designers are able to express the reality that there messages are being overshadowed by other situations and issues throughout the population.

Overall I love this set of advertisements I admire how real the designers are and I find the message is clearly communicated with the audience.


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