YOAZ: Graphic Animal Illustrations

ImageSeen as an “amazing” illustrator, Yoaz has taken a “very different approach” when illustrating animals as a graphic element has been intertwined through the shapes, colours and illustrative nature of the work. Each piece of work has an elaborate amount of detail which singles this illustrator out from others around. I find some of these animals have been given an extremely mechanical illusion through the amount of detail within the design. I find this different style is interesting however I think I admire the colours being used but the mechanically graphic style of pattern is not one I would immediately like. At first glance of a lot of the work within this selection I do like them and find them appealing however I do believe that in some of the illustrations the of the animals are overpowers by the graphics and this often takes away the nature of the animal, an element in some of the drawings I don’t enjoy. The first image I have used is one I find extremely appealing however others such as the Gorilla and Elephant illustrations I simply find ugly. A lot of this illustrators work produces an extremely masculine style from the colour tones and harsh lines being included. However, I do believe that the illustrator has used colours which links to the animal as well as the mood that they are aiming to interpret to the audience. For example the Tiger illustration uses orange and black tones which obviously link to the pattern of the tigers real anatomy. This element I find really appealing that the illustrator has blended the reality of the animal with the graphic style. Using a large amount of geometric shapes and lines within the illustrations, the designer creates “electric circuit” style designs. Within communicating with the audience these style of illustrations ImageI find would appeal more to a masculine, adult audience, moving away from a childish audience I struggle to see where these styles would be used within the design industry.

Working clearly within digital art the intent of this illustrator is “to create a powerful image”, an intention that is clearly successful. The harsh shapes and patterns used produces an overpowering image showing the animals as string almost robot like creates as if this designer is recreating the animal kingdom to suit this evolving technical reality that we all live within. Giving an image an abstract touch to it, Yoaz prefers to construct his images rather than draw them from scratch. Excessively heightening the use of detail within each individual drawing, I find this work appealing to look at however I do not fall in love with the illustrations. Inspired by the likes of Gustav Klimt it is clear to understand and see that style of work blends within this style.


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