Alex Broeckel: Chocolate Bunny

“Computer Generated Images” (CGI) designer Alex Broackel has created a range of digitally edited Imageillustrations including his iconic “Chocolate Rabbit” advertisement. Ironically showing a chocolate rabbit with a bite out of him, this illustration is a humorous representations which captures the audiences attention. Humour is key when communicating with the audiences in this illustration as Broeckel is playing on the idea of people eating chocolate bunnies at Easter and creating the illusion that the bunnies are in fact real people, ironically presenting the image that the human person eating the bunny is an animal, the lion in the food chain. I find this piece highly appealing and attracting as the idea behind the work has a humorous side to it. Also I find the darkened background creates a tense, horror styled atmosphere to the piece as if the killing/eating of the chocolate bunny had been prepared and set up, in a series killer/murderous style of way. Broeckel has finalised all elements within this piece, the background, foreground, facial expression of the bunny, the evidential remaining chocolate laying beside the character to even the crumpled wrapping. I like how the wrapping contrasts against the other colours used in the piece. As it has a gold texture it also creates the idea of high end clothing, as if this bunny was expensive. A major feature of this piece that I like is the expression of the bunny, the designer has successfully created this so that the audience feel sympathy yet humour at the characters expense. The shocked expression is an obvious choice considering the scene it is being used within however the eyes are key as they have even been created to stare straight into the audiences direction, eyesight.

Described as being “superb” and “deliciously cool” I agree that this piece of work is simple yet effective when attracting and communicating with it’s audience. However, I fail to understand why this piece has been created apart from a way to make the audience laugh. With no type or information in regards to a brand it may be created for this piece is simply an illustration 47694c3a18e9e872555f44d54b382a6acreated by the designer for the audiences attraction. I believe that this would be a great style of advertisement for a healthy eating style of campaign aiming to sympathetically draw people away from eating chocolate bunnies, or if used in a different context it could be used by chocolate companies to attract audiences. In order to turn his style of work into an advertisement I believe a simple line of text perhaps and the bottom of the image in a golden tone would suffice perfectly.

Closing into the facial expression of the character used within this piece every aspect and feature of the face has been realistically kept in order to assure the audience of what animal it is however the facial expression is extremely human. For instance it would not be everyday that you would see an actual bunny with this expression on it’s face. I believe that Broeckel has used this expression to communicate with the audience because they would relate to the bunny in a sense that this would be an expression they would use if they were chocked. Obviously they wouldn’t relate to being made out of chocolate and being half eaten but the message the designer is portraying would be relate able. Another feature that this designer has successfully perfected is the lighting within the image. The lighting adds a suspension to the emotions being created within. The highlights of the  features of the face allow the audience to understand  how the character is feeling. Alongside this the way that the designer has ensured that the gaping hole within the back of the rabbit is highlighted so that the inside is dramatically darkened adds to the humour. The lighting and shading works perfectly and realistically tot he scene.

Undeniably I really like this piece and style of humour that is used as it gets a message across using a humorous event that would be known and relevant to a large audience. Chocolate Bunnies are famous around the Easter period so would be recognisable by many which is why I believe Broeckel used this for his piece. Overall I find this illustration and style extremely effective! Broeckel’s clever use of humorous and sincerity produces a successful piece which communicates well with the audience because the amount of humour that is included.


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