Walt Disney: Mickey Mouse Character

ImageKnown as Walt Disney’s most famous, loveable character, “Mickey Mouse” was not Disney’s original loveable icon. However the 1928 creation has become one of the world’s most cherished creation in regards to animal inspired characters. Loved by all ages, this character was created in order to appeal to the audience and represent Disney’s entire image. Communicating a fun and adventurous/friendly personality, this character has been used in a range of roles. His appearance produces a loving, affectionate appeal that audience would clearly be attracted too! Especially appealing to children, this character design uses simple yet effective colours to attract the audience attention, as his body uses black tones and his attire consists of contrasting yellow and red styles his appearance comes across as subtly bright. The yellow and red contrast against one another and with the assistance of the black his final appearance is a success. As this character mainly appeals to children and a younger audience because of his purpose of creation, I believe he also appeals to a range of adults. Primarily because they have grown up knowing and loving this character, it is also a way for them to get back in touch with their childish side. I believe that this character appeals to a vary of audiences.  Loved by audiences for over 80 years, Walt Disney’s most famous character has been created with a very “cheerful” face due to the large grin and affectionate features. I believe that this character communicates a positive relationship with his audience because of the facial features and expressions he is given. Evolving over the many years he has been admired by audiences, the character of Mickey Mouse has been “re-drawn” and edited by a range of ani

mators in order to continue appealing to his ever changing audience. However, some styles of this loveable character have not gained a great deal of success. More modernised, digital versions have simply ruined the image of the character as designer have continually referred back to the original character. The “anime styled creation” to the right simply shows a disgraceful evolution of this loveable character. As an audience to this design I have to admit I hate it! It ruins the loveable, friendly appearance originally create by Walt Disney and it is acceptable to understand why this style gained less positive feedback from he original design. Gaining great responses from his audience, this character cleverly makes his audience laugh. “When people laugh at Mickey Mouse, it’s because he’s so human; and that is the secret of his popularity. I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing — that it was all started by a mouse.” spoken by Walt Disney himself it is clear to understand what his intentions were when creating this character. To appeal to the audience. Purposely created for the audiences appeal, I love this characters design, he moves like a human, he talks like a human and he acts like a human. I love how Walt Disney has created a character from an animal that many would not love. Creating this character as a bear or a kitten would of been an obvious approach as they are already loved by the audience but Disney did the opposite, he took an animal not like by many but soon captured the hearts of millions. Mickey takes the stereotypical traits from a young boy and gives them to Mickey as he “chooses fun over work” and when with the other famous characters creates by this animator and his team he such as “Donald Duck” and “Goofy” he is part of a family not just a team. Personally I adore this set of characters and find the simplicity behind his design and creation key. 

Given numerous traits, this character appeals to a range of audiences. For instance he is seen as “a father figure to Pluto” which would appeal to young children, and accounts him as “his best pal” the same way young boys see their family pet. He is “dumbstruck” when in sight of Minnie Mouse, a trait many males would appeal to! It’s obvious that this character has been given a human personality which is a way that Disney know they can appeal to their audience. Taking an animal and giving them human personalities and traits has been a success within a range of films in order to attract audiences and communicate with children. I find this character a true success and Disney’s attractive and memorable design has been crucial to this characters success. 


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