Elle Norway Magazine May 2011 – “Peace and Love”

Focused within the “great outdoors” this magazine shoot and cover, shot by Asa Tallgard andImage including a range of exotic, African wild animals expresses a concept of “peace and love”. As this magazine is a fashion and celebrity based media I understand that the name of the shoot would refer to the style of fashion that the models are wearing however, I also believe it can be interpreted to illustrate how humans and mammals could live together in peace, no hunting. I like how the images can speak for themselves and show the animals and model in the animals natural habitat. The simplistic and minimalistic type included uses the perfect typeface for the style and mood being created through the photography. Many people within the audience would argue against this style of work as they would believe that the animals are being treated unfairly by being used as object within the shoot. Although this would be a valid argument the style of work can also be used for the animals point of view to show that animals and humans are more equal. I like this style of shoot however I like it more for the animals within rather than the advertising of the clothes or model, to be honest I dislike the clothes being shown. The designer has clearly chosen many of the features of this piece to work as a team and produce the most appealing and attractive style of layout. For instance the type has been cleverly placed so that the white colour can be clearly seen and understood by the audience. Talking a “walk on the wild side” is a large understatement for this shoot. This “safari inspired editorial piece” manipulates the audience into wanting to walk with animals, this would be a great way to highlight how alike Imagehumans and animals are. Also this shoot communicates with the audience to illustrate and remind them of the beauty that animals consume, informing them of what we are losing within the world. Personally I love the safari look and tones creates from the sun being present however the black and white toned photography also works perfectly well. It adds a realistic and sophisticated image to the wild nature of the scene being photographed. This photographer has been used endlessly by famous fashion magazine companies and her work for this shoot is undeniably successful! Using animals a lot within her work, this shoot has been one of the only ones that she has used unusual picks of animals. Usually choosing to photograph horses and dogs etc, this shoot stand out against others to communicate with the audience because of the animals it includes. Seen as “fabulous” this editorial piece has gained excessive amount of feedback. Aiming at a more feminine audience because of the purpose, to advertise clothes, it is obvious that this style of work aims at an older audience through the reality in the images and the garments they are advertising. 

Strangely, this piece of work produces the animals in a “sexy” light through the scene and posture they are given. The patterns of the animals are highlighted greatly and there movements ass to the mood of the scene. Pulsating “drama, attitude and intimacy” the lions within this shoot add to the style of mood that is being communicated with the audience. By creating a “sensual” atmosphere it allows the audience to want to be the model within the pieceImage manipulating them to want to go out and buy the clothes being advertised, ensuring that this editorial piece is a huge success for its purpose. “Captivating” the audience with the use of power shown through the Lions, this piece expresses strength and style through the female figure. Overall I love this set of images used within the whole editorial piece. As an audience to this set, I immediately am drawn to the beauty of the images and want to look like the model within. I also almost want to go out and book an African Safari holiday immediately as the beauty of the landscape used and the animals included draw the audience in though their intense beauty. All elements of this piece have been perfectly selected and shot, from the time the images were taken, to the posture and placement of the animals and model. 


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