Chris Ede: Limited Edition Prints

“Flourishing with an impressive array of prestigious clients from across the globe” this illustrative desiImagegner has created a range of pieces of work to aspire and appeal to a wider vary of audiences. Developing a “multitude of styles” Chris Ede over the past seven years has established a very highly appreciated design base. Tailoring his work for specific clients delving within Advertising, Editorial, Book and Music work, this designer specifies his work and creativeness in order to suit his brief given to him by his client. “Clear and precise” objectives and ideas are developed into truly magnificent pieces by this designer. By “Maintaining his objective” Chris Ede uses a “speedy” technique when producing these styles of prints. “Thinking outside of the box” Chris Ede “avoids clichés” when creating his imaginative representations in order to appeal to his given brief, clientèle and audience. Being known to create beautiful illustrations that give the illusion that they “leap off the page”, this designer gives his work an identity through his unique style and process. Linking to my concept and theme of work, this set of prints created by Ede appealed to me greatly as they contain an intense amount of reality and details yet have been used in a contemporary, graphic style. “A print and ink kind of guy” I find this designers style very graphic! This style of work in particular gained my attention as I liked the simple colour tones that he used alongside being intrigued into how this style of work could be used in a design industry. Communicating a great deal of simplicity through his prints, freelancing his work Chris Ede also enjoys working with other artists and designers in order to create “exciting work”. Evolving from initially training as a Fine Artist, this designer finds inspiration through other illustration work. Focusing on his Limited Edition prints, I find them graphically beautiful and interesting to look at. Delving within lettering, black and white tones and lines Chris Ede works mainly with Pencil, Watercolour and Inks in order to create his eye catching work. Ede works within a range of Imagethemes from fantasy to nature and people. Looking at a wider range of his work I find some of his illustrations really intriguing, like his animal prints that I have chosen to look into, however other styles of his work do not appeal to me as much as these.  I like how Ede uses mainly imagery to communicate with his audience however type does become relevant in some of his designs. He uses simple lines and detail in order to produce a style and mood to them talk to the audience from this. I personally find his black and white illustrations more appealing than those which have been embedded with colour. His work almost looks as though it contains a certain patterned style, similar to the work create by Iain MacArthur. I have found many similarities between the two illustrators, such as, the colour tones used, the use of animals within their work and the materials they choose to work within. One criticism I do find within Ede’s selection of Limited Edition Prints is that I find them too similar to the work of other illustrators. I thoroughly admire the skill and style that this designer uses however I believe that he would push his work to becoming more of his own. A major element of these prints that I find highly appealing is the graphic edge they have been given whilst capturing a great deal of reality within. It is easy for the audience to understand what animals are being illustrated and portrayed within the prints because of the features and realistic representations. However, rather than simply using these prints as a way to directly duplicate the image of an animal, Ede produces a more sophisticated, sensual style and image of the animal, a technique I find truly admiring. 

In order to communicate with his audience, I believe that Ede successfully takes his brief, or concept and plays with this so that he can deduce what style would best suit the intended audience and meaning that is being illustrated through the work. I believe that in a lot of his work Ede allows the illustrations to speak and communicate with the audience without the assistance of typography, I admire this however find it a struggle to understand fully what his aim is without interpreting the work myself and almost guessing the message he wants to portray. Like many artists who simply create work to allow the audience to create a story behind it, I believe Ede’s work is mainly for an advertising style of purpose where the interpretation of the audience is not a key element. 

Currently inspired by the work of artist Matthew Woodson, Chris Ede’s style originated from cartoon and comic styles of inspiration. I overall like this set of Ede’s work, despite not being in love with his illustrations I find they can be used in an array of interesting and appealing ways in order to attract and communicate with their intended audience. 


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