Jenny Liz Rome: “Ladies on the Flies”

ImageInspired by “wildlife, dream like colours, modern women, classic style and the female form, to create surreal and dynamic fashion images” Jenny Liz Rome’s illustrations take realism to new heights as she draws in an “abstract vision style”. Fusing her own style of photography with found images and blending these with illustrative media, this designer creates “fashionable” pieces of work as her style undeniably has an essence of beauty and passion within. Her characters “linger with a brazen sensuality”. I love how these styles of work produce a very sophisticated yet sensual style. The chosen colours used allow her work so communicate a great amount of passion across to the audience. I find the colour tones used perfectly defined and chosen as they suit the style and reasoning behind the pieces being created. Often producing work for clients such as Marie Clare and Black Monroe it is easy to understand the style and type of clientèle that Rome appeals to. Due to these styles of clients it is obvious to understand the audience that this designer works to attract. I believe that this work is greatly feminine and it is obvious that her work would appeal to a more female based audience. Also, it is clear that the audience this work communicates with is a more adult range as the images and illustrations created are more Imagemature than illustrations created for children. Alongside this he colours used a less child friendly and more adult appealing. The movements within the pieces are greatly appealing and they add a sensual mood to the piece. I find the figure within the pieces blended with the faces of wild animals an impressive and interesting technique to use. I like how the designer is portraying the females within the pieces as strong and determined as the wild animals that she is blending within. Collaging the faces and bodies of the females by using photographs the artist manipulates the audience into making them believe that they are in fact drawings. I cannot lie that at first glance I though that these were in fact simple pencil illustrations however I do like how the artist cleverly and perfectly collages all of the elements of the pieces together. Allowing herself to have the freedom to create a whole new person within her work, like a character of the piece, this designer prefers to focus on the female form, “the perfect canvas” for her to experiment with. Allowing the hair within the female sin her work to take centre stage to her Imagecanvas, Rome admits that she “finds it much easier to draw a ridiculous mane on a dancing woman” and I find it brilliantly beautiful within her work, it makes her work her own. When viewing her work I automatically look as the outfits being worn and the animals within them. This style of work is perfect in order to advertise the garments within. Using black and white tones it adds a great amount of sensuality and sexuality to her work. Expressing women in this way is also a way for this designer to show the female g=figure in a strong, overpowering way, similar to the animals within each design. “I have always been very interested in a humans potential to be a very primal creature”, Rome admits to being fascinated by the way humans and animals can be seen as similar and I find this extremely appealing as it links to the style of project I am working with in my final project. Using a multi layer process, Jenny Liz Rome uses photo shop in order to add all of her elements and create one image. I find her process interesting and perfectly suiting to her concept and style.

communicating the strength of the female figure and women through her work, I find Jenny Liz Rome’s work inspiring and appealing, probably because I am a female. When looking at he work the audience can see a beautiful figure that has been created and automatically want to be like them , we envy the beauty of the figure and are inspired by the power and strength that the female is created with. I love how the females illustrate immense amounts of power and believe that this is a brilliant way for the female figure to be displayed. The choice of colour, figure and clothing displayed within each pieces blends perfectly together and works as a whole in order to communicate with the audience. 


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