Lauren Mortimer: Illustrations

ImageLondon based illustrator Lauren Mortimer works “primarily in pencil” in order to create her interestingly realistic and conceptual styles of illustration. Her “ability for tone, texture and realism” Mortimer transforms the figures and characters within each drawing in order to communicate a specific message through each piece. Influencing her work, nature, surrealism and other designers are all expressed with an “air of curiosity and wonder” surrounding them. I absolutely love how Mortimers work contains a distinguished sense of irony within the concept. For instance the image to the left cleverly illustrates the figure of a human with a dog’s head in the style of a mug shot. I find this a brilliant way for the artists to express and illustrate how similar and equal animals should and can be seen. I find the grey tones add a sense of reality and seriousness to the scene being illustrated. Stating her pencil as her “primary best friend”, this illustrator aims to contrast “the innocent and idyllic world of childhood with reality” and this can be clearly seen through a lot of Imageher work. I like how she uses animals and humans as one in her work as a lot of her illustrations represent  messages relevant within the world today and uses a playful and interesting scene in order to depict them. I particularly love how she uses the illustration to the right to clearly illustrate a serious message behind hunting animals. She “creates charming drawings with a subtle darkness” and I find it brilliant! I love how this illustrator communicates serious messages and concepts within her work through beautifully crafted pencil drawings. Almost creating an evolving narrative within her work, Mortimer allows her work to be interpreted by the audience so that they can decide how they feel about the narrative being told. Increasingly important to her work, this designer aims for her audiences imagination to allow the work to take it’s own unique Imageview of the work and produce it’s own representation. Referencing vintage photographs in order to inspire her work, it is clear to understand how these styles of images have been used within this style of work. I like how this illustrator uses vintage styles within her drawings. I particularly like how serious and relevant meanings and concepts can be clearly seen and understood through her illustrative drawings. I like how this designer reworks her referencing images in order ot make them her own.

Communicating beautiful images to her audience and allowing them to create their own interpretation of them, I like how this artist works in this way. Refraining from using any other elements than pencil to create her work she prevents other media from overpower the actual image. Usually I wouldn’t like illustrators who work in this way however I find it works perfectly suited with the style of this artist. As an audience of her work myself, I believe that the colours and media used within this work is perfectly chosen in order to suit the style that this artist uses.

Overall I love how this artist works and I find her work greatly appealing. I like how she takes a simple concept and idea that would be overshadowed by the audience when simply being spoken about however Lauren Mortimer adds a sense of darkness to the message forcing her audience to be interested and emotional attracted to this. I like how this artist uses a dark sense to her work alongside keeping a large amount of reality within this.


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