Andy Council: Window Drawings

Exhibiting a lot of his work through museums and galleries, Andy Council has transformed into an internationally recognised artist and illustrator. Whilst viewing his work I found his simple yet different styles of design impressive. Council’s window drawings allow clear lines and simplistic objects be transformed into an overpowering, overall image almost always linking ironically to the original object being used. For instance his “Tank Bunny” simply illustrates exactly what is being described in the title. Council has created an oversized bunny which almost looks as if it is melting and clearly produced only from small, almost elegant tank outlines. Using a differentiating media to other illustrators for this overwhelming piece, I believe that Council is aiming to highlight how this concept and issue is being looked through, like a window and no action has been used to address it. Using tanks to create the oversized bunny, I interpret this Imagepiece of work as being a way for Council to illustrate the realisation that when tanks are forcing themselves through endless fields they are destroying the homes of the bunnies. I simply enjoy looking at this piece as it is simple yet effective. In order to communicate this issue with his audience, I understand that Council has used a more ironic, humorous approach rather than showing the depth and realization through photography and still life. This way he is able to appeal to a wider audience range and be able to promote his work in a wider range of places as it is less gruesome and harsh to the audience. By using a different approach of media through the use of windows, I believe that Council is able to gain a wider attraction from his audience as they would be interested in his work through not seeing a lot of artists work like this. Communicating with his audience simplistically using this style of design, Council who is inspired by his surroundings, “often looking to the natural world” when finding inspiration for his work has clearly done exactly this when creating his “Tank Bunny”. Giving the everyday and “twisting it into something fantastic” this piece is a highlight of the style and way that Council works within. He has taken an everyday bunny that would appeal to a huge audience range and given it a new lease of life, linking it to the total opposite object that it would not usually be linked with, a tank! I like how Council has combined the delicacy and softness of the stereotypical bunny with the strengthened, mechanical design of the tank, he has undeniably bonded the two to emphasise the extreme difference between them. Usually I would hate this style of working, the cartoon style of drawing however because Andy Council has used primarily windows and pens it somehow works and appeals to me greatly! Producing unique contrasts of nature and mechanics as a young child this style has continued to grow with Council as he has Imageevolved into a well known and respected artist and illustrator. Similar to that of the “Tank Bunny” Council also created an ironically appealing “Drink Duck” which in a similar fashion to previous work simply highlights an overpowering duck created primarily from the outlines of bottles. An issue linking to the waste being deposited within ponds and the ocean, killing the natural habitats of these animals. I find his style of illustrating and referring back to an economical issue greatly appealing. Council is able to appeal and communicate with his widened audience as he uses ironically simplistic, clean styles of creation when discussing a more detailed, dirty issues.

Clearly appealing to his audience through a concept that more older viewers would appreciate, Council is able to attract both young and more older viewers as his concept has been communicated with a more child based style of design. I find his playful approach perfectly situated to the way the animals are being portrayed within. I specifically like the white duck on the window as I believe it calls out to the audience and stands out against the base material more than the black ink bunny. 

Council’s style of work can be viewed simply as a humorous piece and scene or as a conceptual piece of work. He almost produces his designs with dual meanings a concept I find highly appealing and extremely clever when wanting a wider audience to see and appreciate your work. The audience can interpret their own idea of what the work is about of they can simply look as it and admire. I find his work highly appealing and the simplicity within the choice of media, scene and concept all relate to one another. 

White usually always represents cleanliness and purity, using this colour in order to represent the issue of waste being deposited into lakes and streams, the homes of ducks, it adds to the irony of the whole piece. Usually this style of theme would be linked to green, murky colours or colours that would represent waste and earth however Council moves away from this and I believe that through communicating to the audience it has worked more successfully than those created from green and blue tones. 

Overall I find these pieces and designs highly appealing and I believe that Council has been able to attract a great audience range through his overall approach style and appeal. 


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