Luco Ionescu: Work for Skullcandy

Luca Ionescu WorkA designer who runs ‘Like Minded Studio’ Luca Ionescu whose clientèle includes famous branding companies such as MTV, Nike, Absolut Vodka and Reebok has been best known for his unique logo work alongside his ongoing inspirational typography skill. First coming across Ionescu’s work I found the unique style of colours and contrast of background tones highly appealing and instantly wanted to see more. This designer has cleverly transformed the skull used within this illustration from being perceived as simply a skull to being viewed as a unique piece/work of art. Clearly the skull has been used to represent the brand “Skull Candy”, linking the object being used to the initial name of the brand, the audience would automatically be able to link the two. I find the clear links brilliantly thought of. Being known to “bless” advertisements and brands with his unique type and graphic style of working, this designer has undoubtedly stepped up the mark with this set. I find the contrast of colours and the unique colour tones used within highly appealing. In reference to my work I believe that using a lions face would be very successful is this style of work would be used. I aim to research deeply into this designers style of work and understand the techniques and skill used when producing these magnificent pieces. I believe that the string lines and contrasts of colours used within work extremely well. Strength and power is able to be seen throughout this set of work as the the eye line of the skull and the position it has been placed makes the audience believe that the skull is looking up at something, gazing at something, mysterious. Producing work that would be linked to a “rock star” using a very harsh set of tones and lines, I love this style of work as it manipulates the audience into believing that the piece is stronger than them, the piece overpowers the S6HSDY122HP-2-Sideaudience. As the illustrations portray a great amount of strength the audience will feel strength. Luca Ionescu’s work has been admired by many and his styles has certainly attracted a huge audience range. His work has a unique style and I find his graphic, more harsh rock style of design highly appealing!

I love how he contrasts the black background with the enhanced foreground. This allows his foreground to be highlighted and central to his audience attention. He refrains from allowing any other elements from taking the attraction away from his initial design, I find this style greatly appealing as he blends minimalistic simplicity of colour with detailed and overwhelming triumph through illustrations. My favourite part of this set of work for music brand Skullcandy has to be the unique materials that seem to have been used. I have rarely seen many illustrators or designers used this style of working as many would name this material as being tacky, however Luca Ionescu makes it a success. Reviewed as being “epically cool” perfectly describes Ionescu’s work. He produces a style of design which would appeal to a young adult audience range, clearly refraining from appealing to children through the darkened approach he has, this designers work is aimed at the more adult base, teenagers and not for the “pretty little butterfly” style of people.

I aim to look further into this style of work and experiment with the styles of techniques that is used. Aiming to use his”own style within the advertising art and design world” in order to attract a wide audience from his unique style, Luca Ionescu always keeps an awareness of his brief whilst blending this with his style of process and creation. The “rock star” style has been used before however this designer has taken the previously used design and transformed it into his own.

All elements involved with the creation of this work has been distinctly chosen in order to produce the most appropriate piece in order to suit the brief given by the client. Personally when viewing this piece of work I prefer the large poster of the work rather than the design used on the headphones. I believe that this style of work does suit the product however would also suit being say a mural on a wall or as a poster, bill board or even canvassed. I love how this designer has given his work a dark yet powerful edge! Communicating a simple, nice and effective image with his audience he is appealing to the style of people who he knows would use this product. Hardcore music lovers. I would go out and buy this product as I find it simply looks cool. In order to suit the purpose of the brief which was to design an illustration that could be use don a head set I believe that this designer has suited and successfully completes his task!


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