Mart Klein & Miriam Migliazzi: “Economic Systems Elephants”

This artistic duo has produced endless amounts of work for clients around the world taking every concept and project that they are given and giving a fresh start in order to suit the style and project approach as best as possible. Giving each project it’s “Own Unique Look” I find the style of these illustrators very appealing as they often prefer to choose bright, outstanding colour tones in order to suit the needs of the project. This illustration that the collaborative pair have created for a magazine instantly screams colour and vibrancy to the audience. I believe that thisImage style of illustration would not appeal to all people. Personally I tend to stray away from brightly coloured, more graphic/cartoon illustrations as I find them less attractive than a simple photograph and this piece of work has not changed my mind. Viewing this piece of work I do like how the designers have incorporated the flags of the three countries into the scene in a unique way however I fail to understand why elephants have been used. Used as the cover, this would clearly manipulate the audiences eye into wanting to see what it is about as the colours are overwhelming. Providing an economic project issue with a new face almost, this style would definitely catch the audience attention and preferably appeal to them however I believe that in these style of issues a more sophisticated image should be used. 

Undeniably these illustration are well drawn, understandably identified to be elephants and the detail used within has been precise to the finest line, even the dripping of the paint has been added. I do admire the skill of the designers however the graphically cartoon, slightly less realistic style does not appeal to me personally. One area of this piece that I do not find complimentary too the scene is the darker shaded brown lines used through the floor of the scene. this elements takes away the natural habitat that the elephants would be seen within. Critical to the scene I believe that this simple feature changes the appeal to the audience as it takes away from the nature and forces the animals to be seen in a more comic style of light. 

Understandably the elements used within this piece would have been perfectly chosen by the designers in order to create the best approach and illustration in order to suit the project. Personally this piece primarily as an illustration does not appeal to me. Despite this I do find the use of the elephants and producing them as if they are painted very intriguing. I find this a good idea however believe that it would be better suited if real life elephants where painted and photographed as it would attract the audience and appeal to them more deeply and more successfully. In reference to the concept being portrayed I cannot simply understand this from the illustration. Without researching the piece and finding the concept this way, I believed that it simply showed the power of different countries and illustrated that the way they were all placed in the piece with China first they were initiating that this would be the more successful, stronger or better established country. Another interpretation that I found from viewing this piece was that these countries where teaming up. However all of these were incorrect. In fact the elephant representing Germany was intended to represent Europe, this personally seems a very risky way to represent a continent which includes more than Germany, I believe that this would be a huge disadvantage to the success and appeal of the piece toward its audience. The initial piece in comparison to the concept, personally does not quit fit. 

Overall I believe that this piece would appeal to it’s audience however I personally do not find it attractive. The colours used are appropriately selected in order to allow the audience to understand the scene and the concept that it is portraying however the elements such as the animals, scene and reference does not quite work as successfully. 


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