Collin Bogle: Wildlife Paintings


Creating excessively realistic, and beautiful animal wildlife paintings, Collin Bogle has “remarkable ability to capture detail and to master the use of light in natural settings became hallmarks of his work”. He uses delicate, traditional techniques to create his work. Allowing his work to take lives of their own through the extensive use of light and shadows this artist is able to work in a unique playground in each scene. Focusing mainly within pastels, watercolours and paints/pencils the traditional materials and media used perfectly suit the style of work created by Bogle. Fascinated by the beauty of nature, animals have continually been an inspiration for his style of work, perfectly linking to my project. Striving to “create magical moments in nature where attributes such as composition, lighting, color and animal expression come together in perfect harmony” Collin Bogle manages to successfully do this throughout a range of his iconic, brilliantly painted pieces. Perfectly choosing a range of elements such as shading, lighting, format, colour and positioning Bogle defines these features of his work in order to communicate his concept to his audience. Clearly the audience than he focuses his work to appeal to is an older more sophisticated audience range. This is obvious due to the style of painting that Bogle uses. Realistic painting is used in order to duplicate scenes that would be found in the habitats of the animals that are being illustrated within. This is done so that the artist can create his idealisation of what the animals live like. Using a more cartoon style would appeal to a younger audience but realistic painting has been used as the Imagetarget audience is of an older range. The eyes of the paintings are always made a focus point of the paintings and the use of enhanced colours attract the audiences attention manipulating them to want to view the piece of work. I really like this unique feature used. It would mainly be used through photography and is a common edit style to use. I find this elemental feature perfect for this artists style of work as his scenes and animals almost become fantasy like. This is a unique way to illustrate wildlife animals through art. Communicating the beauty of these animals with his audience the enhanced colour and focus eye point works perfectly. The same style of facial expression is used in all paintings created by this artist. I like how his work is constantly relating to one another however I d believe that he would be able to gain a wider audience range and a larger style of portfolio is he allowed his animals to take new forms. 

Successfully communicating the beauty of the animals with the audience through the enhanced colour used, I believe that it may cause the audiences attention to be used sparingly and refrain them from focusing on a central area. In order to use this style of work through a more graphic advertising style of work it would be more useful to use photography and edit. It would certainly be a faster approach as painting the scenes is undoubtedly a more time consuming technique. Aiming to convey a story or meaning behind his work, this artist prefers to add a new sense to his work rather than a simple, common animal in it’s habitat. Admitting that he uses Photoshop to enhance his work to finalize the results, I find this almost stops his work from being traditional and almost ruins the originality of his style of portfolio. His work simply shows good crafted paintings being seen by the viewer in relation to using these for other purposes photography would be more suitable and appropriate mediums to use.

As a viewer to this work I find the eyes are the focal point, personally they are the areas that really appeal to me and make me want to understand the animal. This style of approach would suit my project perfectly. The would be good to use in an anti-hunting campaign as the eyes allow the audience to look deeper into the personality of the animal, highlighting that they aren’t just object they live like us. I aim to delve within this and research this style of work. 


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