Peony Yip: Animal Illustrations

Captivating a great amount of simplicity within her work, Hong Kong illustrator Peony Yip createsImage illustration that express similarities between humans and animal using distinctive contrasting materials. From the images found it is clear to see how the models and animals have been specifically chosen and drawn in specific motions and facial expressions. For instance in order to communicate a large resemblance between the two to her audience, Yip has ensured that in this example both animal and human have their mouths wide open, highlighting an obvious link. An element that I find very appealing and effective is the contrast in colour tone. The vibrancy of the red against the grey, soft tones of the human drawing can be interpreted to show how vibrant/wild the lifestyle of the animal is to the less action filled, residential, boring life of the human. Red is often used to represent anger, love, lust and danger and it is no surprise that the lifestyle of the animal links to this representation of colour. Similar to the human colour tone, grey’s can be linked to sophistication, building habitats and materials often used in large cities, this would perfectly represent the lifestyle of many humans. I find the huge contrast in colour and media used perfectly situated to the relationship and message that this illustration is portraying to the audience. As a viewer of this work I find it highly appealing and interesting techniques to use. Drawing her inspiration from animals and nature it is clearly seen through her drawings. Aiming to keep her work simple and minimalistic, this illustrator refrains from including background in her work as this allows the illustrators creations to attract the audiences attention to only be focused on the elements she wants them to be. Keeping he work simplistic she is able to ensure that her audience are only focused on what she is illustrating and as colour is a huge element in her work it is important that there are no other features manipulating her audience away from the drawings. Believing that “animals symbolizes the humanity that the world lacks” Yip uses this as her inspiration, her purpose is to illustrate how as similar as these animals are too humans they Imageare also more humane than. A different style of concept than many illustrators usually use. Using mainly traditional techniques within her work, this illustrator focuses mainly within materials such as watercolours, pencils, graphite and prefers to steer away from digital work. When looking at this work, I really like how the red overlay does not overpower the underlying human illustration. It works with it  as if the two are the same in a way. This is a very interesting approach to use when communicating to their audience. This style of work can appeal to a range of audiences, the simplicity would allow children to find it attractive as well as  an older range. Strangely, I really like how the illustrator has kept her work very minimal. Refraining from adding type or other artistic elements it allows her audience to interpret the drawings in their own way, a very appealing and common approach. Using realistic styles of illustration work excessively well and have been used appropriately in order to fulfil the purpose of the concept as well as communicating the best with their audience. As the illustrator is aiming to highlight the similarities between animals and humans, real life mammals using realistic illustrations are appropriately used. I find this work very appealing and the techniques cleverly thought of. The use of distinctive colour has been key when  communicating with the audience. 

Criticizing this illustrators work and approach, the only areas that I find less appealing or successful than others are how the humans within the drawings do look slightly off balance. some of their facial features are less realistic and more  imaginative, idealistic to what the illustrator wants them to look like. Perhaps photography would be a good style to use but in this way. Overlapping simplistic images of animals and humans and editing them so that they use similar ideas and techniques yet more realistically approach the concept. I really like this style of work and plan on experimenting with this throughout my project and ideas. Being known as “unique and inspiring” this illustrator has been known for creating illustrations that are “full of emotion and detail.” I would not go as far as saying that these illustrations were amazing but they are unique in their design concept and idea creation. I believe that the concept and messages through the work are brilliantly created but the craft of the illustrations and drawing could be improved. Looking at other illustrations created by this artist they are all similar in technique and style, I do find her work lovely and find that it is more feminine and would appeal to a more feminine based audience. 



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