Tim Jeffs: Animal Illustrations

Illustrating with deep complex and extensive amounts of detail, Tim Jeffs uses composition in Imageorder to formulate the intricate subjects and objects that he draws from. Using animals within his work he keeps his style very minimalistic. Creating “amazingly detailed animal portraits” Jeff’s uses thick, rich, black ink to back his delicate illustrations. This effect and technique I find highly appealing as it allows the audience to communicate solely with the drawings central to each creation. The thickness of the black refrains from overpowering the image as it is simply their to highlight the central portrait. The skill and delicacy used when creating these magnificent drawings almost manipulate the audience into believing that they are in fact photographs taken and edited. Extremely hyper-realistic in style, Jeff’s simply highlights the beauty of the animals that he is drawing from. Choosing to use pens to create his work, the materials are able to capture the delicate features of the animal that many would not see in other illustrations. As a viewer to this work, I find this style extremely effective. Clearly communicating Imagewith an older audience as this hyper-realistic style would not appeal to a young audience, Jeff’s simply created his work to then be sold to whoever would like to purchase them. An element within this illustrators portfolio that I love is that they are drawn from a side view. This adds depth and interest to the work as the audience immediately see the animals in a different format, contrasting from usually seen from portrait state. “Intricately detailed” Tim Jeff’s portfolio includes and “impressive amount of animals” perfectly suiting my style of project. However, it is obvious that this style of drawing would take an extensive amount of time to produce and complete Imagemaking the audience wonder why he would not simply use a photograph and edit it. I find this style of work highly appealing simply for appreciating the skill and technique used. The intense detail used would immediately appeal to the audience and communicate the beauty of the animals. I find the tones used add a sophistication to the animals and the scene being used. The grey tones and shadows used highlight the features used of the animal as well as illustrating them in a sort of business style. These colour tones would usually be represented with sophisticated business men or dull scenes, darkened contexts. I find that the way they have been used here perfectly suits the format that the animal is being drawn in. I love how the animals have been illustrated however I do believe that a simple message or sentence of type could transform these illustrations so that they could be used in an advertising aspect.

The only criticism I have with these illustrations are the time they would use to be created and that many may find them boring because  they are simply recreations of animals, they do not contain vibrant colours, interesting types or materials, they are simply drawings and due to the increasing conceptual style of art being created through digital media and graphic design, many would see this as a dying style of illustration. I however find it inspiring and fascinating to understand that a person has drawn with such skill. I aim to delve within this style to experiment thorough drawing for my project. 


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