ENPA Animal Testing Campaign

The image above is an advertising piece created by the ENPA Campaign in order to highlight the harsh reality of testing animals for beauty products. The use of photography in order to create these pieces allows a great deal of realism to be obtained in the scene. As the image shows the human using an innocent animal as an object, its hits home the reality behind the issue. I really like how the animal is objectified in this piece in order to highlight how these animals are being used for our luxury! This is a perfect way for the realisation of the subject to be highlighted! The background to the piece also works as a highlight to the female and animal within the foreground allowing the central attention of the audience to be kept on the main object and refrains from overpowering the image at the same time. The facial expression of the female within the piece clearly highlights the idea that humans enjoy using animals for their luxury, through objects such as beauty products, items that aren’t needed but wanted.

This piece includes informative type that is large enough to be seen and understood yet small enough to be understated and refrain from overpowering the image. Giving detail into the campaign and the company, the white typeface is clearly readable by the audience, clear against the darkened background and simplistic enough not to take the attention away from the main image. I like the choice of colour and placement in this piece in regards to the type as it suits the piece as a whole and works well for its purpose. As a viewer to this piece I find the choice of placement and layout working extremely well. The type and image together work as a team and are appealing to the audience.

Another element of this piece that I find highly appealing is the change of depth and tone of the background. The darker tone is used behind the lighter foreground and lightens toward the negative space of the scene making sure that the audience are not drawn to a blank colour but a change in tone. To me I find this more appealing than less attractive. Image

Despite understanding the conceptual message being highlighted here, I believe that the way the animal is portrayed, in the piece is slightly unnatural which in one sense would link to how they are used unnaturally for products however would refrain from the audience believing the piece and scene. Perhaps using a more natural stance of the animals would benefit the piece greatly. Another benefit to this piece would be to use the animals in their products, for instance if the animal was in a perfume bottle.

Communicating with the audience through a realistic view of the of the issue at hand, this piece for instance forces the reality of the testing of animals to the audience. Using a small innocent, cute animal would also appeal to the sympathetic side of the audience. Like how many advertising agencies use young children to appeal to the mothering side of the audience, the use of a baby animal works in a similar way, I find this technique highly appealing and extremely successful in order to gain an appeal from the audience. As an overall piece, this advertisement works perfectly in communicating the message to the audience. The chosen audience for this piece in particular would clearly be a more female based audience as the scene uses make up and luxury beauty items which would mainly be an appeal to females, and an older female range. If children were to view this piece they simply would not understand, perhaps this style of imagery could be used in a set and each would benefit from appealing to different people in each. For instance, one could appeal to a male audience, one for children and another for females. This would gain a wide audience range as well as pushing the issue to gain more audiences.

So what is this piece saying?

Clearly the piece in question is highlighting how young, innocent, defenceless animals are being tested for products used by humans. Using an animal in a way that would clearly be recognised by the audience clearly refraining from the wrong message being processed. As the model in the image has a very “beauty advertisement” view, it portrays the idea of animals being used for product testing greatly. The use of simplistic and minimalistic type also allows the audience to have an informative insight into the message behind the work which prevents the audience from misinterpreting the entire scene.

Is this successful in its aim?

As an audience to this piece I believe that it is successful to its purpose as it clearly highlights the message that it is portraying as well as being appealing in itself. I believe that this scene has been a success in design as well as suiting it’s purpose.


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