Onekind: “Advocates for Animals”

ImageOneKind is a UK based animal rights industry that has had a campaign created in order to highlight the similarities between humans and animals using celebrities in order to gain a heightened amount of audience attraction! I admire how this campaign uses celebrities as it is a good way to gain the attention of the audience. Society and media within our age has taken over causing celebrities to become role models and using them within the campaign would manipulate the audience into wanting to understand and view the images as they recognise those involved. A main element of the campaign that I find extremely appealing is the way that the celebrities and animals look alike. From the facial expressions to how their personalities would match. For instance the make up used within the image above causes the the celebrity model to look more like the animal, adding depth to the eyes and enhancing the colours. Another element of this feature that I find highly appealing is the use of bold colours to highlight the important aspects of the image. The faces of the celebrity and animal are heightened in colour manipulating the audiences attention to be focused on their similarities between them and refrain other  areas being a distraction. Using white type in order to inform the audience is another successful element that the designers have used. As the background has been kept excessively dark the type stands out without taking the audiences attention away from the images. Using another colour such as red of pink may have taken the attention of the audience away from the audience, proving that white has been a perfect choice. Also, white appeals to both male and female audiences, alongside the use of both male and female celebrities the choice of type colour adds to a wider audience appeal. The use of a main slogan on the piece which links brilliantly with the images used and the overall conceptual message is a way for the designers to inform the audience of the message that is being portrayed as well as preventing the the type from overpowering the whole piece. When viewing this piece I understand the message that is being portrayed across, that humans and animals are the same. Aiming to highlight how killing animals is like killing ourselves I believe that this piece works well in highlighting it’s purpose. However, criticising this piece slightly I believe that a more appropriate way to further the images used would be to use them at a larger scale as I believe that the amount of negative, dark background space can be slightly overpowering to the audience. master.merle1

Like in the image above and to the right, the faces of the celebrities link to the faces of the animals. Their appearances are aimed to match up. In the image using Johnny Vegas and a bear I find the facial expressions of the bear unappealing, as if the designers have adjusted the expression to suit the human, this is to me seems wrong as it goes against the concept, they have changed the face to suit the purpose, a meaning totally against the initial aim of the piece being created.

Besides this, I love how the celebrities signatures are also used in the piece as it adds a personal touch to the work, This would appeal to me if I were the audience. Clearly, the audience appeal is aimed at a more older audience as the celebrities used would generally not appeal to younger children. However, a range of celebrity faces have been used to appeal to different audience types. Researching into this advertising set, I have found three to four styles of designs within this campaign, I believe that this may reduce the audience range as more celebrities used may widen the audience.

Gaining a large range of feedback and support one of the creators announced that  “A lot of people have gone the extra mile to make this campaign happen – from the client, right through to the agents and the celebrities involved.  Our recent work for the Seals campaign attracted record numbers of new supporters, and we are hoping that this activity will create widespread interest in all of the work that Advocates for Animals does.” proving that the campaign has proved a success. Personally I like the campaign and find that it works well with the message that is being portrayed. The simplistic and repetitive layout allows the separate images to work as a set all linking in design however each appealing to a separate audience range and highlighting the same conceptual message.



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