Javier Ruis: Illustrations

Specializing within illustrative work, Javier Ruis Flores bases himself in California and focuses his work within pen, ink and graphite design work. I found these pieces of work created by the designer on an artist and design blog. Working within digital design, illustrative work, T Short design and Character art, Flores’ illustration designs captured my attention as they stood at a clear contrasting style to his other work. ImageI love the realism in the drawing of these designs however what draws me into these pieces of work the most is the colours tones used. A blend of warm tones and the original marks from the graphite work together to produce a unique and set of tones. One criticism I do have with this work is that once one piece has been seen, work cerated similar to this look the same despite being a different context. I do however find the pure white background contrasted against the graphite markings has been chosen perfectly as it allows the initial design to be the focal point. This second image has to be my favorite. I adore the colours being used layered on top of the original markings of the materials. Unknown to why this piece has been created or it’s purpose, I simply find it appealing to view. I have not seen work like this before and it immediately appealed to me as the intricate detail used mixed with the simple colours and background allows a perfected illustration to be drawn. I find it harder to communicate with the audience through drawings alone, using type is an easier element to use as words can be included. When viewing this work I interpret it in my own way. When firstly seeing this piece I believed that the concept behind the work was to express kings of animals such as wolves and lions in the iconic ‘uniform’ of human kings. So in this piece a wolf has been given an iconic, stereotypical indian head piece worn by chiefs of the tribes. I believe that this may be the initial idea of the designer and find it an unusual yet exciting concept to work with. I like how the colours are of a bolder tone in this piece compared to the previous. Criticizing this piece in one way however is that I doubt that the colours link to the concept of the design. I think that if the designer has used colours which linked to the symbolisms of the kings of animals that the design includes then it may force the piece to work better as a whole rather than just a simple illustration. However, experimenting with colours would show which tones worked best and the colours that the designer has used work well together. If used in a campaign and given these coloirs as a style then I believe they would work greatly. Perhaps a small line of text could have been placed at the bottom of the piece to be used in a campaign styled set? Communicating with the audience I believe that Flores has taken many elements of this piece into consideration when designing, for instance blending the animal to the garment, the layout, format of the layout and choosing a discrete background colour which would highlight the illustrations within. Overall I find this pieces of work by Javier Ruis Flores extremely effective and appealing in an illustration style but I do believe they would work better in a larger set! The most appealing aspects of this work to me include the realism behind the work and the pink and blue tones used to finish off the work perfectly.


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