Lukas Holas: Animal Photography


Lukas Holas’ “Portraits of Animals” campaign includes amazingly beautiful black and white photographs that highlight the empowering personality of the animals that are being illustrated. Alone these photographs communicate the power and beauty of the animals that are being pictured however as an advertising approach the scene would need other elements to successfully communicate a message about the issue to the audience such as brand name, description and/or slogan. However, even looking at these photographs, I find them highly admire the skill of the photographer. I admire the beauty of the animal and the power that they are given. These “Breathtaking” images are “a matter of my heart.” describes this designer and it is clear to see through his work that his passion for the animals is clear. Photographing things that he loves is a way for this designer to capture the intensity of the scene and the importance of the  animal in it. Viewing and communicating with this set of photographs, it is clear to understand why the designer has pictured the scene with the animals highlighted against the dark and mysterious background. The contrast in colour is not only a very clever and successful approach to use but adds a seriousness to the scene. The black and white tones add a sophisticated elements to the animals, it adds power, it adds depth that manipulates the audience into wanting to view and understand the personality of the animals included in the images.  A lot of the animals are captured in natural yet model like poses, personally I interpret this as a way for this designer to capture the animals in human ways, creating a link between us and animals. 

His love and admiration for animals radiates clearly through each and every powerful close-up”. I believe that this designers love for the animals that he captured in his work allows him to gain a more successful response from his audience, he adds a personal love to his work and successfully takes his admiration for the animals as his sole inspiration, this is an element I love from this designers work, his passion not only for his trait but for the objects he is photographing.


Using black and white tones within his photographs, I believe that this designer is able to intensify the beauty and power of these animals as the features of the face such as eyes, mouth and fur is heightened and the contrast between the tones allows them to focus on the audience and capture their attention in order to communicate with them. The manipulate the audience to be drawn in and want to understand the story behind the animal, understand their personality and how they feel, this almost gives the animal a personified meaning not only within his work but within this world.

Using “simple yet elegant” black and white shots each of the animals individualities are forced upon the audience and using photography as his main medium the realism within the theme he is working within, I find this an appealing and most successful approach to use. Using “his skills in digital photography and graphic design to edit out the background from his photos and instead inserts a pure black backdrop for the animals” this designers professional approach is obvious to the audience and his process works exceptionally well in order to produce professional and appealing work to communicate to this audience. From his unique process and style, the chosen background allows the “impressive physical characteristics and personalities take the forefront” of the scene and keep the audiences attention solely on the animal that the designer wants them to focus on.


Every image within Holas’ photography set is “enhanced by beautiful lighting and incredible detail, the intimate style of these portraits perfectly showcases his very inspiring approach”, an approach that immediately captures the attention of the audience and captured them into his work. 

Personally I love how this designer refrains from using type in his work and allows the photography to take centre stage to the audiences attention. Their attention is mainly attracted to the animal being processed and they can then interpret the scene to their own, personal view, they can give the animal a background, a character and a personality. I like this effect as the work becomes more personal for the audience and does not reduce the appeal by giving the animal a specific personality and narrative. However, at the moment this image set is simply appealing to the audience, it is not created for a purpose such as supporting an issue of campaign, promoting an object or product or telling a tale. If this were used for an advertising purpose then it would most likely benefit from additional type or used in an interesting medium/place. Despite simply being an appealing and attractive photograph set I believe that or the purpose of creation the communication between imagery and audience works successfully. Overall I extremely love this designers work, the seriousness and passion that is included within the creation and process. 

Overall I believe that this designer has created an extremely appealing and successful set of images which perfectly suit the purpose of creation as well as being overall appealing to the intended audience. Also, reflecting upon these pieces I believe that he seriousness of these photographs would appeal to an older audience as children would not find the bold, black and white approach as appealing as colour. Also the realistic approach of photography would not appeal or attract a younger audience like illustrative cartoon styles would. An older audience would most definitely be appealed to this design. 


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