WWF Disintegrating Animal’s Campaign


this photography design set created for famous animal rights campaign charity WWF includes strong, bold imagery to communicate an important world wide issue to their intended, older, more understanding audience. Created by Madrid based agency Contrapunto BBDO, who delves within editorial work, these “eye catching” images. Using a set of three including an elephant, parrot and leopard, this design set uses a range of animals in order to widen the appeal and communicate with a wider audience base. also I believe that using a range of three contrasting animals such as mammals and birds it is highlighting the importance of the issue and the realisation that it is affecting a wider range of animals and not just one family. Illustrating the animals “deteriorating into clouds of dust” reminisces and highlights the “reminiscent of the dried up floors in the eroded landscapes” which I believe is a very interesting and successful approach to understand and take. However when first viewing these images I did not immediately understand the issue being raised, I simply believed that the images where being used and created to communicate the endangerment of these animals, as if the are disappearing from out world. This is a way to prove that the audience is not successful as a younger, teenage range or that the message is not successfully shown.

I really like how the darkened background allows the audiences attention to be immediately drawn and connected with the foreground, the more crucial elements to the scene. This refrains their understanding from being misjudged or miscommunicated. Alongside the contrast in colours and simplicity used the colour elements all work well together in communicating the whole scene. Having a light source from the top righthand angle of all images is a way that these designers have been able to connect the images together as a scene. The shading and light sources add a sense of seriousness to the scene and capture importance features of the animal such as the face, expression, movement and transformation into dust. I believe that he talent used in capturing these images and editing them to suit the purpose and scene have been done extremely well and produce an overall successful image of the issue being raised. Enhanced colours have been used within these images/photographs. I believe that they attract the audiences attention greatly as well as being kept realistic to the animals. This design element is perfectly suited to the purpose of the piece as the colours are crucial to the audiences understanding of the issue and animals involved. The very realistic approach to the issue and image set is also perfectly situated as the issue is clearly communicated across to the audience, the seriousness of the theme is seen clearly within the media. Using photography to gain a realistic scene has been a very successful decision by these designers. 


Refraining from including a large amount of type within these designs, I believe that these designers creating this campaign have been able to produce a strong, overpowering image to communicate their message across. The use of type would simply overpower the entire scene and I personally prefer this as an image. The included simple logo and slight type simply informing the audience of the campaign involved works perfectly for the purpose and creation of the images. Using pristine white also allows the audience to understand this element clearly and successfully as the tone contrasts with the background without any confusion to the audience. However, many (especially younger audiences) would argue that this piece does not communicate the issue clearly and that type would be more successfully used, however overpowering the scene with type would take the importance away from the animals and cause the audiences attention to “wander” in the scene. 

Using a central location for the animal, the designers have been able to ensure that the main element is in line with the audiences eye sight. Immediately drawing their attention into the centre of the scene and the centre of the issue this layout works well physically and metaphorical within the piece. Additional to this, the movement of the animals are kept similar throughout allowing all of the images to work as a set as well as individually with the contrasting animals.



The movement and figure of the animals also work excessively well in showing the height and power of them prior to turning into dust, I find this an exceptionally successful element to use and believe that the flow of the dust, linings used work to a very professional standard. The overall simplicity of the scene and the message being communicated across to the audience has an empowering approach, all of the elements work together in order to inform the audience without being too overpowering of confusing. I find this design set very successful and well cerated/thought out. 


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